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First Time in 48 Years Woman Catches Husband Lying to Her, Next Day He Brings Her to the Forest – Story of the Day

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By Rita Kumar
May 15, 2022
07:00 P.M.

Every Wednesday, Kevin left his wife Sarah with their dogs and went fishing at the lake in the woods. One day, Sarah found out that Kevin had been lying. When she confronted him, he took her to the woods the next day and revealed the truth.


Kevin and Sarah grew older with time, but their love for each other never dwindled in the last 48 years they were married. When Kevin retired several years later, the couple bought a quiet house on the outskirts of a beautiful city. They lived alone and were still blindly in love.

The couple helped each other with the chores, did grocery shopping, and took turns walking their dogs. However, the only exception was Kevin's bizarre newfound love for fishing only on Wednesdays every week.

At first, Sarah didn't suspect anything, but it wasn't until she caught Kevin lying to her that trouble sparked. So he took her to the forest the next day to show her what was wrong. After the truth unraveled, Sarah froze and cried…


Kevin & Sarah were married for 48 years. | Source: Pexels

Kevin first met Sarah 48 years ago in history class. They saw each other as competitors and perfectionists. They often argued in class to prove who was better. But after a point, they realized that their contradictory nature attracted and fell in love.


The couple married and raised two beautiful children. After their daughters married and moved across the states, Kevin retired. He bought a peaceful villa in the neighborhood that bordered the city. It was love at first sight, so he purchased it before anyone else did.

"I don't want to live with you anymore… you've been lying to me so that you go somewhere every Wednesday, and God knows what's going on there!" Sarah exploded.

Their retirement home was tucked in a scenic landscape of lakes and woods, so Kevin and Sarah didn't plan where they would spend their old age. They felt this rustic house would be their paradise until their last breath.


Shortly after moving in, Sarah was surprised by Kevin's fishing hobby. She'd never seen him excited before than when he packed his things in their garage on Tuesday evenings.

After Kevin's retirement, the couple moved into their rustic house tucked between a picturesque landscape. | Source: Unsplash


"Don't worry, darling! Edward is bringing breakfast and lunch tomorrow!" he told Sarah. Edward was their neighbor and Kevin's friend from work who lived on the next block.

Kevin usually left home early every Wednesday morning. He would take a sip of tea from the kettle and kiss Sarah while she innocently slept.

"Boys, take care of mom!" he always told his three pet dogs after tossing them their favorite treats. Kevin would be away fishing all day and only return late at night. Sometimes, he only arrived the next day, which Sarah thought was weird since the fishing spot he mentioned was supposedly in the woods close by…


Every Wednesday, Kevin went to a lake in the woods & fished the whole day. | Source: Unsplash

"Wow, that's a huge catch, Kev!" Sarah exclaimed after seeing a basket full of fresh fish when Kevin returned home one Wednesday night.


After dinner, Kevin bragged about his big day at the lake. He often told Sarah stories and how he missed some of the biggest catches.

"And today, I would've brought more if it hadn't been so windy out there…." he joyfully exclaimed.

Kevin's fishing spree went on for about half the year, and at the end of each Wednesday, he always had a big surprise for Sarah. However, one day, Sarah discovered Kevin had been lying to her all these days after meeting someone in the fish market.

Kevin often bragged about the fish he caught. | Source: Unsplash


"Ummmm, I'll surprise him with baked salmons for dinner!" Sarah mumbled as she marched to the fish market on a Wednesday evening. "Maybe some sardines too…."

Sarah was busy looking around for the shop when a fishmonger called out to her. She saw a woman wave to her from a distant shop.

"Oh, hello, Mrs. Peggy!" Sarah greeted the seller. Sarah was Peggy's regular customer and told her she was looking for fresh sardines and salmons.

"What happened to Kevin today?" Peggy asked Sarah. "Why are you buying fish? Is Kevin not at home?"

Sarah was puzzled. She didn't understand what Peggy meant and looked surprised. She asked her to clarify further.


"Kevin usually comes here every Wednesday night to buy fresh fish!" Peggy revealed.

Sarah was shocked. She realized that Kevin never fished from the lake but deceived her with the fresh fish he'd bought from the market. She suspected there was more to Kevin's lies and decided to find out the truth. First, she headed to her neighbor Edward's house…

Sarah headed to Edward's house to see if he was at home or with Kevin. | Source: Unsplash


As Sarah neared Edward's residence, she saw him through the window when he was supposed to be fishing with Kevin that day. She recalled Kevin telling her in the morning that he was going fishing with Edward and realized he had lied.

"Hello there, Edward!" Sarah greeted her neighbor. "Didn't you go fishing with Kevin today? I thought you went fishing together on Wednesdays?"

Edward had no idea what Sarah was talking about.

"Fishing??? On Wednesdays? What, no way! You must be kidding because I don't go fishing with your husband," Edward revealed to a shocked Sarah. She apologized to Edward for the untimely visit and hurried home.


A couple of hours later, Kevin returned home with a basket full of fish. He smiled at Sarah and bragged about how tiring it was fishing all day with Edward.

"…And you know what he did? He stole a few fish from my basket, and I caught him!" Kevin exclaimed and laughed dramatically. But Sarah remained silent. She eyeballed Kevin, and after listening to his fabricated tale, she told him they needed to talk.

Kevin was stunned because he had never seen Sarah sound so serious.

Kevin was stunned because he'd never seen his wife sound so harsh. | Source: Pexels


"W-what is it, darling?" Kevin stammered. "Is everything alright?"

Sarah stared at him intensely. She grabbed his hands and took him to the kitchen that smelled of baked fish. Kevin didn't know what was going on.

"I made us fish for dinner…Fish that I bought from the market today from Mrs. Peggy's shop!" she told him.

By now, Kevin understood what must be wrong. Sarah was furious. She told Kevin that she didn't want to continue their relationship when it was fake and filled with deceit.

"I don't want to live with you anymore… you've been lying to me so that you go somewhere every Wednesday, and God knows what's going on there!" Sarah exploded. "I thought there were no secrets between us!"


Kevin anticipated this would happen. He begged Sarah to let it slide for the moment and give him a chance to explain it to her in the morning. Sarah gnashed her teeth and agreed. She was restless the whole night…

Sarah was visibly upset with Kevin. | Source: Pexels


"Are you ready for the truth?" Kevin asked Sarah the next day. He sounded confident, and Sarah didn't like that evil look in his eyes.

He then drove her to the woods. It seemed unfamiliar to her as she'd never taken this route. She remained silent throughout the ride because she was still angry with Kevin and was hounded by several weird thoughts about what he was about to unveil.

"Get down…we need to walk a bit," he told Sarah and pulled over to the side.

He took his fishing bags and accompanied her into the woods. A few minutes later, the couple arrived at a lake aligned with trees and hills in the backdrop. It was breathtaking and picturesque.


"Come on, just a few steps more," Kevin told Sarah as he held her hand and walked her to the side where an incomplete woodhouse by the lake stood. Sarah was stunned.

As it turned out, Kevin had been secretly building a woodhouse by the lake to surprise Sarah. | Source: Unsplash


Kevin told her that he'd been building this house for the past six months. "It would be our weekend getaway with our grandchildren," he revealed.

"Oh, honey… I'm sorry. I am! God, I'm so sorry," Sarah apologized to Kevin. She burst into tears and felt sorry. Kevin turned pale because he didn't want to reveal his surprise this way.

"Let's do this together!" Sarah exclaimed.

She took the tools from Kevin's fishing bag and smiled at him. She told him that she would help him complete the house and apologized till he calmed down. After the incident, Sarah realized that she needed to trust the love of her life and not let small doubts affect their relationship.


Sarah apologized to Kevin & promised to help him finish the house. | Source: Pexels

What can we learn from this story?

  • Don't let small doubts and misunderstandings weaken your relationship: Kevin and Sarah have known each other so well for 48 years. But when Sarah found out Kevin had been lying to her about fishing on Wednesdays, she told him she didn't want to have any relationship with him and regretted it later.
  • Apologize and try to fix mistakes before it's too late: When Sarah realized Kevin had been building the house of their dreams, she regretted suspecting him and apologized. She then assured Kevin that she would help him finish their woodhouse.

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