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Poor Boy Runs Away from Home at Night, Sick Mom Finds Him in an Alley – Story of the Day

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By Rita Kumar
May 18, 2022
04:20 A.M.

Stella once again heard a strange sound from her son Stan's bedroom and was convinced something was fishy. She crept in and saw him sneak away through the bedroom window. She silently stalked him and froze in tears when she discovered his secret nightlife.


Stan Simon and his mother Stella lived in a small semi-urban town. Growing up, the 12-year-old boy had a bad opinion of his dad, mainly after learning that his parents had divorced over his dad's affair with his colleague.

Stella never let Stan feel the void left by his father. She was a clerk in a private company, and she worked very hard to provide the best for Stan. In a nutshell, she was his world, and he was her life.

But one day, Stan was shocked when he saw an ambulance outside his house and neighbors running in and out. He knew his mother wasn't keeping well for several days, but she'd always assured him that she would be fine.


"MOM?" Stan screamed as he raced inside. He was frightened and assumed several things…

Stan was shocked when he saw an ambulance outside his house. | Source: Unsplash

"She should be fine and needs a lot of bed rest now," the doctor who examined Stella informed Stan. "The nurse will visit daily to monitor your mom's health…."


Stan was terrified, but the doctor's kind words comforted him. After school, he missed his baseball practice and never spent much time with his friends. It was a different dimension for him.

She knew the place was notorious and that it only welcomed people aged 18+. But she had no idea what Stan was doing there.

A week later, Stella's health improved, but she was still advised to extend her leave. She realized she couldn't work hard and be energetic again, so she called Stan to discuss how things would work further.

"I think we'll have to cancel our vacation this year," she told him. "We need to start saving money and not spend it on things beyond our means."


Stan was visibly upset by what his mom told him. He dreamed of vacationing with her in Hawaii and bragged about it to his friends. Her decision didn't sit well with him…

Stella's decision to cancel the vacation took a toll on Stan. | Source: Pexels


"You always do this to me," Stan argued with Stella. "You never allow me to do anything, and you PROMISED ME that you'll take us on vacation!"

Stella would sometimes be quite hard on Stan. She never let him out with friends until he finished his homework and deprived him of the fun things he enjoyed. She always expected him to do well in class to earn a scholarship to college. Now her hard ways of putting Stan on track have backfired, and her canceling their vacation fueled Stan's bitterness toward her.

For several days, Stan showed a lack of interest in everything. Stella found it weird, mainly after she saw that he returned home early after school and skipped his baseball practice. He never hung out with friends and was always exhausted.


One night, Stella heard a weird noise coming from Stan's room. Since she was half asleep, she ignored it and went back to sleep. The next morning, she was surprised when she saw Stan yawning and stretching on the bed.

Stella thought it weird because she recalled Stan going to bed very early the other night. He had even refused to watch his favorite program on TV, saying he was sleepy.

"What is it? Why do you look so tired?" she asked Stan.

Since Stella was half asleep, she ignored the noise from Stan's room. | Source: Unsplash


Stan rubbed his eyes and told her that it was nothing and that he had some nightmares at night that made it difficult to sleep. But Stella wasn't convinced. She suspected something was wrong because Stan was not a boy who was frightened of nightmares.

The same night, she decided to stay up and check for anything suspicious in Stan's room. She kissed him goodnight and turned off the lights in his bedroom before closing the door.

When Stan heard his mom's footsteps fade to her room, he quickly got up, unaware that Stella silently pussyfooted back to his bedroom to listen for any strange noises from outside.

Meanwhile, Stan arranged his pillows and threw a blanket over them to appear like he was sleeping. He opened the window and crept outside without closing it so that he could conveniently sneak back in later. Stella heard the noise and immediately rushed inside his bedroom...


Stan snuck out of his bedroom through the window, assuming his mom had returned to her room. | Source: Pexels

"W-where is he???" Stella shrieked in disbelief after removing the blanket on Stan's bed and discovering Stan wasn't there. Then she spotted him on the lawn through the open window and ran out to follow him discreetly. She couldn't believe Stan would sneak out of the house and pretend like it was nothing.


A few blocks later, she saw him walk faster across the alley and head into the backdoor of a nightclub.

"A NIGHTCLUB???" Stella mumbled under her breath in shock. She knew the place was notorious and that it only welcomed people aged 18+. But she had no idea what Stan was doing there. She almost made it into the backdoor when a bouncer stopped her.

"No, mam, you're not allowed inside," the man sternly told Stella.

The mom was shocked because she knew Stan was inside and that he could be in potential danger. She also suspected Stan was doing something wrong in there and argued with the guy to let her in.


Stella followed Stan to a nightclub. | Source: Pexels

"I'M CALLING THE COPS RIGHT NOW IF YOU DON'T ALLOW ME INSIDE!" Stella threatened the guard. "My son is inside, and he's a minor… What's a minor doing in an adult club???"


A little later, the club's manager, Mr. Felix, arrived to look into the matter after the security called him.

Stella explained that she was worried about her son. She described his appearance, and Mr. Felix told her to wait for a minute. He hurried into the club, and a few minutes later, he returned frowning.

"Would you mind coming in for a second, please?" he asked Stella, who was confused. She mustered the courage and followed the manager.

The loud music and people shouting in the club echoed everywhere. Stella could tell that they were some of the wealthiest people in the region and wondered what her son was doing with them.


Moments later, she found herself in the club's kitchen. Mr. Felix pointed to a boy in a uniform and asked her if it was Stan.

"STAN???" Stella shouted in disbelief. "WHY IS MY SON WASHING DISHES???"

Stan was washing dishes in the club's kitchen. | Source: Pexels


Mr. Felix then clarified that he had no idea Stan was just 12 when he recently hired him to do the dishes and chopping in the club.

"He forged his documents, so I hired him assuming he was 16," Mr. Felix revealed. "He begged for a job here because he said his mom was sick and needed financial help."

At this point, Stella's eyes flooded with tears. She couldn't imagine Stan would make small sacrifices to help her. Then Stan turned back and saw his mother standing there. He was shocked and immediately ran to her.

"Mom??? What are you doing here?" he shouted. "H-how did you get here?"


Stella was very emotional after she saw Stan doing an odd job at night. | Source: Pexels

Stella walked to him and looked him in the eye. Stan felt guilty about lying to her, but before he could speak, Stella hugged him. She was emotional but remained silent.


"I-I'm sorry, mom…I wanted us to go on that vacation…I wanted you to enjoy the breezy ocean and the sunset," Stan cried.

Stella was both surprised and pleased. Although she was earlier angry that Stan had lied about everything, she was happy to know she raised a good son. She informed the manager that Stan would no longer work there and took him with her.

"We are leaving for Hawaii next week!" Stella told Stan. "And I want you to only focus on your studies…I don't want you sneaking out again, do you get that?!"

Stan was excited and assured Stella that he would never do something hurtful again. He focused on his studies, practiced baseball after school, hung out with friends, and only did what his mom wanted him to do.


On the other hand, Stella was happy. She knew how hard it was for her to raise a child as a single parent, but in the end, she was only left with tears of joy. She was proud of Stan and imagined a brighter picture of his future!

Stella was pleased with Stan & assured him of their vacation in Hawaii. | Source: Pexels


What can we learn from this story?

  • Good deeds can be suspicious, so it's better to verify before jumping to conclusions. After seeing Stan entering the nightclub, Stella suspected he was doing something wrong there. But she realized she'd raised a good son after finding out that Stan was working in the kitchen to earn money for their vacation.
  • Education helps to mold children & direct them toward a better future. Stan resented his mother's decisions whenever she never allowed him out with his friends until he finished his homework. But Stella was determined to help Stan do well in his academics and earn a scholarship to college.

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