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Man Calls Daughter He Kicked Out Pregnant 6 Years Ago and His Best Friend Answers Phone – Story of the Day

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By Rita Kumar
May 23, 2022
07:00 P.M.

Andrew kicked out his daughter Alice after discovering she was pregnant at 17. He desperately called her to greet her on her 23rd birthday six years later, but a man answered the call. Andrew recognized the voice as his best friend Adam's. He stormed to him but froze after Adam broke his silence about a shocking truth.


Andrew Logan and his wife, Mary, lived in a very conservative neighborhood. Their views were highly orthodox, and they fostered the same in their only daughter, Alice. But even today, whenever Andrew recalled shutting the door on a pregnant Alice six years ago, he melted into tears.

"GET OUT AND NEVER SEE ME AGAIN…YOUR FATHER IS DEAD… DON'T COME BACK!" he fumed at Alice back then. Although she grew up under the wings of Andrew's traditional views, her only fault was having fallen pregnant at 17 with her boyfriend, who ran away after she told him she was expecting…

Alice refused to reveal her partner's identity because she felt it was useless to find him and beg for justice. But it was easy for Andrew to decide between his reputation and his daughter. He chose his status and kicked her out.


"I knew there was something fishy between them…she always sat near him and said they were playing board games late at night…."

Abortion was out of the question because Alice's pregnancy was beyond five months. She wanted to keep this child and feared her parents would opt her out of it, so she hid her bump for five months until her mom found out she was pregnant.

Six years have passed since then, and Andrew and Mary had enough of answering people's questions about their daughter. They were honest about Alice's pregnancy and her ousting. Although Andrew was aware of people gossiping behind his back, he didn't bother to silence them. He felt he deserved all this for raising such a daughter.


On May 13, six years later, Andrew stood staring at the calendar. He couldn't take his teary eyes off it. "What is it, darling?" Mary asked him. "Maybe you were right about that day…but why don't you just call her and greet her?"

After six years of no contact, Andrew & Mary decided to call Alice on her birthday. | Source: Pexels


Alice was celebrating her 23rd birthday that day. Her special day usually never went without Andrew raising a toast and throwing a big birthday bash for her. On Alice's 17th birthday, which was also their last gathering as a family, he gifted her a brand new SUV.

Today, drowning in deep thought, Andrew realized that it was time to move on and accept things the way they were. For the first time in years, he cared less about people and society's views on his life. He marched towards the phone and called Alice, hoping she would reconcile with them.

"Hello?" a man answered on the other end, and Andrew was speechless. "Hello, anyone there?"


For some reason, Andrew recognized the voice. It sounded all too familiar. He cleared his throat and said, "May I speak to Alice, please?"

A man answered the phone instead of Alice. | Source: Pexels


"Oh, she's busy with her cake and can't come to the phone right now…would you mind leaving a message? I'll convey it to her…." the man spoke.

Andrew was baffled because he'd heard the voice before. "May I know who's speaking?" he anxiously asked the guy, second-guessing his thoughts.

"This is Adam!" the man replied.

"ADAM??? WHAT ARE YOU DOING WITH MY DAUGHTER???" Andrew yelled in shock. Then the connection broke, but Andrew wouldn't stop shouting on the phone…

Adam and Andrew were childhood buddies. Though they lived in different cities, they often hung out together fishing or going on vacations. They were thick friends, and Adam often stayed at Andrew's house on weekends. However, six years ago, Adam stopped visiting after starting his new business...


Andrew & Adam were childhood buddies. | Source: Pexels

Mary was confused after she heard her husband yelling on the phone, and when Andrew told her that Alice was with Adam, she frowned.


"I knew there was something fishy between them…she always sat near him and said they were playing board games late at night!" Mary fumed.

Andrew and Mary were furious. They stormed to Adam's house in their car, and when they reached there, they saw a huge party for Alice.

"HAPPY BIRTHDAY, SWEETHEART," read a birthday banner in Adam's house. Andrew was furious, and he rushed to Adam. He pulled him aside and threw a punch at him.

Adam had thrown a birthday party for Alice. | Source: Pexels


"Wait, Andrew…let-let me explain…Please stop it…." Adam shrieked in pain as Andrew grabbed him by the collar. He pushed Andrew aside and tidied his shirt.

Although Adam was delighted to see his friend after a long time, he was stunned by his anger and confessed the truth. "I'm sorry I'd been keeping this from you… it's just that I couldn't tell you anything because Alice made me promise not to talk about this to you."

"About what???" Andrew retorted.

Adam explained that Alice met him six years ago after she was kicked out and told him that she had nowhere to go. Out of concern and love for her, Adam had taken Alice in as his daughter and made sure she had a peaceful pregnancy and childbirth.


"She reminds me of my daughter I lost 14 years ago," Adam confessed, putting Andrew and Mary in a daze because they never knew Adam had a child. They listened and wanted to make sure he was telling the truth...

Andrew & Mary were shocked by Adam's confession. | Source: Pexels


"My daughter was never born. She died in my wife's womb along with her during the car crash," Adam cried. "I've always dreamed of having children but never remarried or had any because I was scared of losing them again."

Andrew and Mary got teary-eyed. They'd never seen or known about Andrew's painful past but had only known him as a cheerful man who loved being around children.

"AND YOU, OLD MAN? You should be happy and blessed to have a child. Instead, you kicked her out? What kind of dad would do that to his daughter when she's pregnant???" Adam fumed.

Andrew and Mary froze at Adam's words. His statements resonated deep into their senses and made them realize their mistake. Then Adam snapped them into reality and asked them if they knew what happened to their grandson, Robert…


Adam had an unborn child with his late wife. | Source: Pexels

"Rob now sees me as his grandfather," Adam said. "He's just had a minor accident after tumbling down the stairs, but now he's fine…this whole birthday party was organized to comfort him and make him happy."


Andrew and Mary were shocked and guilty for setting aside their daughter and grandson for their reputations. After the party, they rushed to see Alice. On seeing her with Rob in his bedroom, Andrew and Mary couldn't hold back their tears.

"ALICE, DARLING!" Andrew shouted. Alice couldn't believe her eyes, and it felt like a dream. Before she said anything, her parents rushed to her and hugged her. "Sorry, my dear...please forgive us," they chorused. Meanwhile, little Rob had no idea who they were, and he watched in surprise.

Alice was shocked to see her parents after six years. They had even decided to make up for their mistake and invited her and Rob to live with them. But to their surprise, Alice refused...


Alice's son, Robert, was too fond of Adam & he grew up assuming Adam was his grandpa. | Source: Pexels

"It's alright, dad…but I'm thankful I ended up in a place with someone who means more than a dad to me… he's now Rob's grandpa, and I don't want to snatch that peace away from both of them," Alice told her parents.


Though Adam took Alice aside and tried convincing her to move on, she refused because she knew that Adam couldn't live without Rob.

"I'm sorry, dad, but you can visit us often… I'm renting a house nearby, and we could always hang around during weekends." Alice told her parents. Her assurance urged Andrew and Mary to agree. They respected her decision and smiled.

Alice's parents often dropped by and spent their weekends barbecuing or setting up a tent for Robert on the lawn. They cared no more about society's conventional views and realized that what mattered was being around family and not reputation.

"I have only one mom but two grandpas!!!" Rob exclaimed at his 7th birthday party while Andrew and Adam burst into laughter like never before!


Alice's parents respected her decision & they often dropped by to spend time with their grandson. | Source: Pexels

What can we learn from this story?

  • It's never too late to apologize & set things straight. When Andrew learned about Adam's tragic story and how he took Alice under his wing after she was kicked out, he regretted his actions and apologized to them.
  • Don't assume things without verifying the truth. When Andrew and Mary realized Alice was in Adam's house, they accused Adam of having a relationship with their daughter. But after learning that Adam had always seen Alice as his daughter, they regretted their mistake and apologized.

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