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Arriving at Her Friend’s House, Woman Finds Her Husband’s Belongings in Suitcase – Story of the Day

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By Rita Kumar
May 27, 2022
02:30 P.M.

A wife felt lonely after her husband went fishing with his friends at the lake in the woods. She packed her red suitcase with her things and flew to a neighboring state to meet her friend. But after arriving at her friend's home, she opened her suitcase and found her husband's belongings in it.


Lucy Wilson considered herself as just any ordinary woman meant to run the household. Despite earning her post-graduate in business administration, she preferred to stay home and look after her lovable family—husband Karl Wilson, their sons Davis and Scott, and a Labrador, Whiskey.

Karl first met Lucy in college where they took up the same major. Gradually, Lucy stood out in Karl's eyes, and he proposed to her during graduation. Of course, she did have undisclosed feelings for him and readily accepted. They married shortly after and looked forward to leading an amazing life together.

Of all the promises Karl vowed during their wedding, he assured Lucy he would never break her trust at any cost. But then an incident ten years later revealed the other side of him…


Lucy & Karl were a happily married couple. | Source: Unsplash

Lucy stayed alone at home most of the day. Davis and Scott were sent to a boarding school in the neighboring state while Thomas was always busy at work. Although Lucy loved the abundant privacy, it became monotonous.



"So, are we going to the movie tonight?" Lucy grinned. They usually went out on Saturday nights because Karl had his weekends off. But this time, he refused, and Lucy thought it was weird.

"Ah well, honey, I'm sorry… I'd love to, but my boss has arranged for an important meeting out of town," Karl replied. "I have to be there… maybe next week?"

Lucy didn't expect he would turn her excitement down like this because he knew it was their only chance to unwind together. She nodded in approval, but something didn't feel right in her mind.


Lucy wanted to go to the movie theater with Karl on the weekend, but he refused. | Source: Unsplash

Several days passed, and soon, Lucy noticed something strange about Karl's behavior. He would be on the phone for a long time, and on seeing her, he would just cut the call and pretend.


"Who is it, and why do you look so worked up?" Lucy questioned. Although Karl brushed it off as nothing and just a small issue with a colleague, she knew he was hiding something from her.

The final straw was when Lucy entered Karl's office unannounced, and she saw him fidgeting with his phone. "Lu-Lucy, honey! Don't you know you should knock before you enter my office???" he yelled.

Of course, Lucy knew he was doing something with his phone there but didn't know what. Karl pretended to read a book and shuffled papers on his desk. Then he asked Lucy to pack his fishing gear, telling her he would be going to the lake with his friends for the weekend.


Karl kept his phone conversations highly private. | Source: Unsplash

"But I thought you'd be taking me out this Saturday, and you promised me last week," Lucy argued. But Karl stood his ground and insisted that he had to go. Lucy agreed, but she had a plan in mind.


She loaded Karl's red suitcase in his truck and greeted him goodbye the following day. One could tell that Karl was in a hurry, and he hardly had time to even kiss his wife or wave at her.

Lucy was restless after Karl left. That evening, she left her dog with her neighbor and booked an immediate flight to the next state where her friend Cynthia lived.

"Oh, alright! We'll talk about this in detail when we meet, and maybe we could figure out how to find out the truth," Cynthia assured Lucy over the phone.

Lucy was meeting her friend because she needed her help regarding Karl's secret. Since Cynthia's husband was a private investigator, she knew it was her only chance to find out the truth.


Lucy took an immediate flight to her friend Cynthia's place. | Source: Pexels

Lucy took an immediate flight to her friend's hometown and waited for her baggage to be checked-in. She grabbed her red suitcase at the baggage reclaim area and hurried to Cynthia's house by taxi.


"Oh, darling! It's so good to see you!" Cynthia exclaimed on seeing Lucy. "Just look at you! Why don't you freshen up while I set the table for dinner?"

Lucy was exhausted and decided to take a shower. She wheeled her luggage to the guest room and opened it to take her clothes. But she was stunned to discover the clothes in her suitcase weren't hers. Instead, they were menswear, and she recognized them.

"WHAT THE HELL??? WHAT IS KARL'S SUITCASE DOING HERE???" Lucy shrieked. She checked the contents and knew they belonged to Karl because she had packed his luggage. Their luggage were identical because they loved the color red. Curious, she called him to verify.


Lucy was shocked when she found Karl's belongings she'd packed for him in her suitcase. | Source: Pexels

"I just called to find out how your fishing trip is going?" she asked Karl. He told her that they were returning to the boat, and unsurprisingly, Lucy knew he was lying to her.



At this point, Karl knew something was odd about his suitcase. It was much heavier, and he remembered carrying a lighter one from his truck. Anxious, he opened it and found Lucy's clothes in it. Karl was shocked and began to sweat because he knew she'd caught him.

Lucy informed Karl that she was at Cynthia's house and demanded he meets her there. "YOU BETTER HAVE A VALID EXPLANATION FOR THIS…." she whined.

In no time, Karl met Lucy on her friend's lawn. He was trembling in fear, but he walked to her in composure. He was visibly nervous when he pulled out his phone from his pocket to show her something.


"I just want you to stay calm and listen…but before that, I want you to see this," he told Lucy, showing her the photos on his phone.

Karl tried to explain but Lucy was unmoved. | Source: Pexels


She couldn't believe her eyes and gaped in awe, staring at several beautiful pictures of a big house. "Wha-what is this, and why are you showing it to me?" Lucy asked in confusion, and Karl decided to confess the truth to her.

Please get in, and you'll know in a while," he assured her. Lucy was stunned and got into their car. An hour later, the couple arrived in front of a gorgeous villa tucked in a mesmerizing landscape.

"THIS, IN FRONT OF YOU, IS OUR HOUSE!!! I WAS PLANNING TO SURPRISE YOU ON OUR WEDDING ANNIVERSARY NEXT MONTH!" Karl revealed to Lucy. "I got promoted and had saved money secretly for this!"

Lucy was upset but cried out loud because she'd long dreamed of moving into a bigger house in her hometown. This was her dream house, and she was overly delighted to live in it soon.


Lucy realized her mistake and apologized to Karl for suspecting him. "I'm sorry, honey, you know I love you so much…and you know I hate surprises, but this one got me!"

After that day, Lucy never doubted Karl because she knew their relationship grew stronger only when they trusted each other. On their anniversary, they happily moved into their new villa and led a peaceful life tucked away from the usual city humdrum and pollution!

Karl had bought a deluxe house in Lucy's hometown & he wanted to unveil his surprise on their wedding anniversary the next month. | Source: Pexels


What can we learn from this story?

  • Don't judge someone without verifying the truth. When Karl began spending less time with Lucy, she suspected him of cheating. But the real straw was when she found out he'd lied about his fishing outing after their red suitcases were switched at the airport. However, it turned out that Karl had planned to gift Lucy a big house, and he'd been working to keep the surprise from her.
  • Some surprises can be shocking and unbearable if misunderstood. After witnessing a weird change in Karl's behavior, Lucy had several odd thoughts about him. But when he revealed the house to her, she was shocked and regretted suspecting him.

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