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Woman with Baby Boards Bus and Hands Out Packets with Notes to Passengers for Their Convenience – Story of the Day

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By Rita Kumar
Jun 23, 2022
03:00 P.M.

A mother with a baby was mortified when passengers asked her to quiet her crying baby. She stormed from her seat & handed them small packets with notes. After reading it, they were all stunned when something else popped out from the packets.


At around 1:45 a.m., Sarah was awake on her bed, on the verge of bursting into tears. Her 5-month-old baby boy Ralph was fast asleep in his crib.

Her husband Gerald had to catch an early morning flight to Denver, so he was dozy. It piqued Sarah to think that her husband would be flying alone while she took the road to the same place.

But that wasn't the only concern that hounded poor Sarah. She thought about her exhausting, almost 23-hour-long road trip and hoped her toddler wouldn't throw a tantrum in public...

Sarah was worried about the road trip with her baby. | Source: Pexels


22-year-old Sarah Williams was the only one in her family who had difficulty flying. She had aerophobia since childhood, and the last time she took a flight to Montana, it made her terribly sick.

After having her baby, she decided not to fly anymore. Because of this, Sarah rarely traveled to distant states. Even if she did, she only took the bus.

"It's an early bus, and I'm tired...Lady, do you mind shutting up your noisy baby coz I am trying to get some sleep?"

This time, she couldn't say no when Gerald wanted them to meet his sister, who was throwing a baby shower in Denver. Although he tried to convince her to take the flight with him, Sarah refused.


"Oh, that's alright! Ralph and I would be better on the bus!" she chuckled.

She woke up to the bright, skin-tingling sun rays on the day of the trip and found that Gerald had already left. Then she found a package on her bed with a note.

Since childhood, Sarah had aerophobia & she mostly avoided flying. | Source: Unsplash


"Here's everything you wanted to make your journey less inconvenient for others...I hope this helps!" read Gerald's note. Sarah smiled and was glad that her husband understood her fears and came up with such an idea to help her out.

Shortly after, Sarah left for the bus depot with her baby and boarded the bus to Denver. She looked around the bus, which was barely crowded. But still, there was more time left for the bus to depart from the station. Her anxiety grew as more passengers started to occupy seats.

"Jesus Christ! I hope he stays calm and not make a scene," she mumbled, staring at her sleeping baby.

There were passengers of different age groups on the bus. But none of them had a baby with them, so Sarah stood out. Then, a woman sat beside her and smirked after seeing her baby.


The bus Sarah boarded with baby Ralph gradually filled up. | Source: Pexels

"Denver?" the woman asked, a weird look of discomfort adorning her face.

Sarah nodded and was quite taken aback by the woman's reaction. "You should've taken a flight, instead. It would've been faster and convenient for you and your baby," the woman said.


Sarah said she had aerophobia, but the woman remained indifferent and cold. The mom looked around and assumed everyone was just staring at her for having a baby on a long-haul bus.

A few minutes later, the bus started moving, waking baby Ralph in the process. Sarah's face flushed red. First, Ralph looked at her with his big, brown eyes. He giggled, and she thought he wouldn't cry.

But when the driver hit the brakes, Ralph shrieked. There were other noises of people talking and playing loud music on the bus, but the baby's loud cries stood out.

Baby Ralph started bawling & people on the bus were annoyed. | Source: Pexels


The woman near Sarah was visibly annoyed. She kept staring at the bawling baby and finally lost it. "Can you please do something to silence him?" she said.

"I'm trying...I'm trying...I'm so sorry...He's just scared and is not used to traveling by bus," Sarah exclaimed. She was nervous and tried her best to comfort baby Ralph. But he wouldn't stay calm and kept bawling.

Sarah was sitting at the farther end of the bus, so when her son cried, people randomly turned back and stared at her. A few minutes later, a man walked up to Sarah and asked her if she would do something to calm her baby down.

"It's an early bus, and I'm tired...Lady, do you mind shutting up your noisy baby coz I am trying to get some sleep?" he shouted.


A man approached Sarah & yelled at her to keep her baby quiet. | Source: Pexels

Sarah was crushed, and she felt terrible for mothers like her who had no option but to travel by bus with their babies.


"I'm trying, sir...He's just scared, and he'll calm down in a while," she said. "Please don't get annoyed...he's just a baby."

The man walked away, annoyed. Then Sarah remembered the package Gerald had given her.

She placed baby Ralph on the seat and took it from her bag. She took out several cards, began writing something on each of them, and slid them into small packets.

Sarah got up from her seat and handed out a packet to each of the passengers on the bus. They had no idea what this was about and curiously flipped the packets open. She returned to her seat and sighed relief, awaiting their response.


Sarah handed out packets to every passenger. | Source: Unsplash

The passengers opened the packets and saw a note from her. It read: "My baby is just being a baby like how we were as toddlers! I am not sure if I can keep him quiet on this long trip, but here's something to help with the inconvenience!"


It turned out that Sarah had given each passenger a pair of earplugs to cut out Ralph's bawling sounds. Surprised, the people aboard the bus looked at her and smiled. "Nice idea!" the woman near Sarah exclaimed.

For the rest of the trip, Sarah didn't have to deal with angry passengers anymore. Baby Ralph cried several times during the long-haul bus journey, but Sarah was not worried!

"Thank you for this wonderful idea, honey!" she muttered, grateful to her genius husband.

Sarah gave all passengers a pair of earplugs. | Source: Unsplash


What can we learn from this story?

  • If you can find an alternate solution to cause less inconvenience to others, do it. When Sarah realized she could not keep her baby calm on the bus, she gave her fellow passengers a pair of earplugs each to cut out the noise.
  • Everyone goes through difficulties, so be kind to them instead of being rude. The passengers on the bus were annoyed when Sarah's baby constantly cried. They asked her to keep him quiet and weren't very welcoming after seeing a mother with a baby on the bus.

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