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20 Memorable Quotes from Vine

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By Karabo Baloyi
May 21, 2022
09:35 A.M.

Few, if any, social media platforms contained quotes as memorable as Vine did. Even after Twitter shut the platform down in 2016, many people still use the quotes in their daily lives and on other social media platforms. We gathered 20 of the most memorable Vine quotes for you to enjoy.


Vine was a social media platform launched in 2012. It allowed users to upload six-second videos which others could watch on a loop. At its peak, over 100 million people accessed the platform every month.

Users of the platform could record these videos through the platform, or upload ready-made videos. Just like any other social media platform, users could follow their favorite creators and discover new content. Vine's parent company, Twitter, eventually extended the default video length to 130-seconds, spurring even more iconic quotes from its users.

By 2014, Vine became one of the biggest platforms in the world. Some of the quotes created on Vine became part of many social media users’ lexicons, that’s how legendary the platform was. We’ve gathered 20 of the most iconic quotes from the platform for you to remember and enjoy.


@ayitspnayo's quote: “I don’t have enough money for chicken nuggets.” | Image: AmoDays

“A potato flew around my room before you came.” — @lilsydfromthetrap

“I’m in my mum’s car. Broom broom!” — @tishcrazy


“Mother trucker dude, that hurt like a butt cheek on a stick.” — @mason.chill

“Road work ahead? Uh yeah, I sure hope it does.” — @drewisgooden

“I don’t have enough money for chicken nuggets.” — @ayitspnayo

Carl Weezer's quote: “Staaaahp! I coulda dropped mah croissant!” | Image: AmoDays


“Eyebrows on fleek.” — @PEACHES MONROEE

“I’m washing me and my clothes.” — @sexylexy

"All I wanna tell you is the school is not important… Be whatever you wanna be. If you wanna be a dog… woof! You know?" — @QueenBlackwell.

"Can I get a waffle? Can I please get a waffle?" — @MightyDuck

"Yo, how much money do you have? 65 cents. Aye, you know what that means?" — @Nathan Enick

@PEACHES MONROEE's quote: “Eyebrows on fleek.” | Image: AmoDays


“All women… are queens.” — Camden Powell

“I’m telling you, man, you gotta stop letting people walk all over you… OKAY.” — Gabrielle Godfrey

“Hurricane Katrina? More like Hurricane Tortilla.” — Just Jake

“Chris! Is that a brownie? No, this is a crayon, I’m calling the police [puts 911 into microwave] 911 what’s your emergency?” — @Weaklingchris

“I will have some cheese nuggets.” — Nathan Enick

@sexylexy's quote: “I’m washing me and my clothes.” | Image: AmoDays


“He needs some milk!” — @Jakeof300

“Staaaahp! I coulda dropped mah croissant!” — Carl Weezer

“Oh, hi. Thanks for checking in. I’m still a piece of garbage.” — @billwurtz

“When will you learn that your actions have consequences!?” — @SammyClassicSonicFan

“Two bros, chillin’ in a hot tub, 5 feet apart cause they’re not gay.” — @AnthonyPadilla

@Jakeof300's quote: “He needs some milk!” | Image: AmoDays


After a sharp decline in Vine users, and a difficulty for creators to monetize their videos, Vine began experiencing serious profitability issues. Twitter eventually shut the platform down in 2016, to many users’ dismay.

Despite Vine being gone since 2016, it will probably remain one of the most legendary social media platforms of the 21st century. This is mainly due to the memorable quotes born on the platform which transcended to other platforms.

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